World Pharmacists Day, 2020.

World Pharmacists Day, 2020.

Theme: Transforming Global Health

By Pharm. Amadi Cynthia Ngozi.

World Pharmacists Day is globally observed on the 25th of September, yearly. It is a day set aside to celebrate the Pharmacy profession. World Pharmacists Day, 2020 showcases the many contributions of pharmacists all over the world; more especially, the challenges caused by the Covid- 19 pandemic which was discovered in Wuhan China, in December, 2019.

This day highlights the transformative roles pharmacists play in the life and well being of our communities.
The impacts of pharmacists cannot be overemphasized, regarding access to safe and effective medications, quality and affordable medications and pharmaceutical care in general.

According to the president of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Mr. Dorminique Jordan, the World Pharmacists Day celebrated yearly is a moment for pharmacists to demonstrate their involvement in transforming the health care system through their many roles such as: vaccination, medication counseling, disease management, ensuring patients compliance with medications, manufacturing of safe and effective medications, optimum drug storage, pharmaceutical care, reducing medication error and improving safety, while reducing costs and increasing quality of care. All these are focused at improving the quality and quantity of life of all in the community they serve.

In the face of the pandemic, World Pharmacists day, 2020 is also the time to recognize the challenges faced by pharmacists in stopping the spread of covid- 19 and ensuring access to safe and essential medicines.

The various fields of Pharmacy include: drug production, research and development, marketing, drug formulation and development, community Pharmacy, regulatory pharmacy, academic pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, journalism, law, among others.

Traditionally, alot of persons consider pharmacists as healthcare professionals who simply wear a white coat and dispense pills. But the role of a pharmacist is far more than dispensing drugs and filling prescriptions.
A pharmacist works with the rest of the health care team to ensure that every individual receives optimal treatment.

Pharmacists are frontliners at the community level and the final line of defence at hospitals in the prevention, management and treatment of diseases and infections.
As one of the most accessible health care professionals globally, pharmacists help to protect health, prevent and reduce disease deterioration, guarantee patients safety through improving medication use and reducing medication errors.

Happy World Pharmacists day, 2020.

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Written by Eustace Okere

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