The Rot Called Douglas Souvenir

The Douglas House Souvenir ,an exhibition house built around 2014/2015 with millions of Imo tax payers money by the administration of former governor of Imo State ,Senator Rochas Okorocha is now a shadow of itself and more of a state embarrassment. Unfortunately, this adds to the list of government properties that are lying in desolation across the state and beyond. What a way to waste tax payers’ money!

The white building occupying part of former Imo state library has become an example of the rot in the fabric of the state where a mind blowing amount spent on it had gone into a state of total disrepair. Supposedly, the edifice was supposed to be an avenue of increasing the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), while still providing aesthetics.

The empty building located before Government House Chapel is a sad commentary of the poor maintenance culture which has eaten deep into the national fabric. This poor maintainance culture is virtually spread to almost all Government owned properties and institutions. The reason many wonder if we have a responsible and responsive government.

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Government House Snippets visit to this building leaves it asking questions on how this edifice was turned into a place for hawkers activities, and shelter for the homeless. The activities of such groups and some drivers show that the Douglas Souvenir is presently more like a grazing ground for rodents and other animals, as weeds took the surroundings .

Today, it’s a story of decay and disarray that had plagued the edifice, formerly managed by the first daughter of the then governor Lady Uloma Nwosu.

The white building had suffered neglect by past administration of Rochas Okorocha who erected the building , the PDP short lived administration and now Uzodinma’s administrations. What then should happen to the sum spent in erecting the structure?

The question begging for answer on Government House Snippets mind is, “is the Shared Prosperity government of Senator Uzodinma aware of this development? This question is better answered by the Governor and the Shared Prosperity team.

One thing government at all levels must fight to ensure, is discarding the culture of waste and neglect. This culture is deeply rooted into the citizenry, as most people see government properties as nobody’s business. This has to stop, as the country and indeed Imo State is fast sliding into recession.

These properties can be made available to private individuals who may want to put them to better use, if the government is not ready to put them to use. We must all stem the tide of waste and embrace maintainance culture.

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Written by Eustace Okere

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