Re: UK and US visa ban threat – a threat worth applauding, if…

Re: UK and US visa ban threat – a threat worth applauding, if…

By Eustace Okere

Respect for the sovereignty of independent states, no doubt is top notch in the laws of the United Nations. This implies that countries are responsible for their own governance, as there will be no interference from other countries. However, the anomalies inherent in one country, are transferable to other countries, owing to the fact that today’s world has become a global village. To this effect, privileged countries must rise up against anomalies in other countries, less they too, become consumed.

The social cum mainstream media have become awash with threats of visa ban and assets confiscation by the United Kingdoms (UK) and American governments on some prominent Nigerian politicians, who have become handy tools in election malpractices in the just concluded Edo governorship election, the forth-coming Ondo Governorship election, as well as the recently held polls in Kogi and Bayelsa states. While some Nigerian publics maybe wondering the independence nature of the Nigerian state, as regards why other states like the US and UK will meddle in her affairs, some others see this as a welcome development. A better step towards restoring sanity on the part of some corrupt politicians, who have perfected in the act of polluting the polity.

Election rigging is an evil that provokes other negative practices in the society. The history of election rigging in this part of the world, has succeeded in enthroning bad leadership across the African hemisphere, which has resulted in the economic devastation inherent in Africa, especially Nigeria. This is the reason for the corruption, insecurity, prostitution, cybercrime, etc. and lastly, migration quest to Europe and the America; a situation that is taking its toll on the economy of the western climes. This is because, they not only benefit from our best brains, they also benefit from our fleeing bad eggs; who join hands to perpetuate insecurity, corruption and killings in the supposedly organized climes. To this effect, the evils that are incubated in this part of the world are also hatched in Europe, America, etc.

With the visa ban announcement on Monday, September 14 by the Spokesperson for the US Department of states, Morgan Ortagus, many Nigerians were thrown into ecstasy, as they hoped this would go a long way in guaranteeing credible polls in Nigeria. In the statement, Ms Ortagus remarked that the restriction is not targeted on all Nigerians, rather on certain categories of Nigerians who may indulge in election rigging. According to Ms Ortagus, this decision was borne out of America’s resolve to aid the Nigerian government in realizing its war against corruption, while strengthening our democracy, accountability and respect for human rights.

Similarly, the United Kingdom (UK) government on Wednesday, September 16, threatened to impose visa ban, carry out assets seizure or even prosecute under international law, Nigerians, over election-related activities in the country. The adduced reason for this is UK’ love and interest in the Nigerian nation. Another worthwhile reason.

In a bid to prove her independence, sovereignty and/or maybe, ego, the Federal Government of Nigeria has risen to challenge these perceived threats from her two strong allies and benefactors. While posing intrusion into her domestic affairs by the duo of US and UK, the FGN shied away from the nucleus of the matter; which centers on credible polls that can guarantee respect for individual rights, end to insecurity and corruption that have ravaged the system.

Although no names were mentioned by the two world powers, one can easily deduce from the FGN’s and Kogi government’s defense and protests, that some people are already having guiltily conscience. A true confirmation of the fact that their actions are deliberate. It pinpoints the fact that there are sadists, who have positioned themselves as our leaders; thus, deriving joy in the woes that have befallen our country.

It can only be in the interest of both America and UK; and indeed the entire western hemisphere, if they can wade in now and save the ugly narratives of some of these our selfish politicians. This will help sanitize their climes, as it will drastically reduce the number of refugees that migrate to Europe and the America. By extension, it will save the western powers from economic sabotage, while guaranteeing peace with its attendant benefits.

While the wailers keep condemning the visa restriction policy, I vividly think that the reasons, if they are void of any hidden motif, are as cogent as they are also worth the restriction. This is because, in helping Nigeria save her democracy, UK, US and the rest of the world will be saving theirs. The best time to do this, is now.

In my own estimation, I think there is no greater way to help Nigeria protect her nascent democracy than this. In line with the fascist theories, obedience is better achieved through imposition of sanctions or force. If this is the only way we can better strengthen our democracy, I think the visa ban and assets confiscation is a step in the right direction. In fact, me thinks that other advanced countries of the world, who may have Nigeria’s interest at heart, should come up with similar or rather, more stringent punitive measures. As much as possible, the visa ban should be reechoed prior to the 2023 presidential elections in Nigeria. Perhaps, that could save us from this current politico-social cum economic quagmire.

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Written by Eustace Okere

Natural, Objective and focused

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